Variety magazine has targeted Van Morrison for being profligate with what the magazine argues were among the worst songs of 2020.

"A year ago at this time, if you'd have told us that Van Morrison would be single-handedly responsible for nearly a third of a worst-songs-of-2020 list (and that this would not be some kind of weirdly perverse, contrarian view, but something that had wide public agreement).  . . well, we would've assumed you’d dipped a little too much into the mystic Christmas edibles." says the magazine. 

The esteemed magazine has published its list, and argues that Van the Man, in the course of his Save Live Music campaign, had written 'not one, but four horrific anti-lockdown songs. Three of these were recorded by Van himself, with the last, Stand and Deliver, performed by Eric Clapton.

Variety has, in fact, no mercy, querying degrees of badness in last year's yield from the Belfast singer. The famed musician released three songs performed by himself, protesting about the UK lockdown in the course of September and October. They are Born To Be Free, As I Walked Out and No More Lockdown, but Variety's number one spot is reserved for the Eric-essayed Stand and Deliver.

Profits from the songs were destined for Morrison's Lockdown Financial Hardship Fund, which is intended to make life easier for musicians facing financial stress as a result of coronavirus. 

Variety concludes as follows. "Was Morrison’s quartet of conspiracy theme-driven anti-quarantine tunes really as bad as, or worse than, the mind-bogglingly bad work of fellow worst listees like Jake Paul, Tory Lanez, Mike Love and Lil Pump? "