Love Island star Zara Holland has apologised to the people of Barbados following a "massive mix-up" over the country's quarantine rules. 

Covid-19 rules in Barbados state that anyone visiting the island must isolate until they have two negative tests if they are arriving from a medium or high-risk country. 

According to news reports in Barbados, Zara Holland and her boyfriend Elliot Love attempted to fly back to England after Elliot tested positive for Covid-19, despite being told to quarantine at their hotel. 

Holland and Elliot were detained by authorities at Grantley Adams International Airport. 

In a statement, Holland said: "I firstly want to apologise to the entire country of Barbados for what has been a massive mix up and misunderstanding during my most recent stay.

"I am currently working with the local authorities to rectify any issues on my part and will issue an update and full statement which I think is the only right thing to do to the Government and citizens of Barbados.

"I have been a guest of this lovely island in excess of 20 years and would never do anything to jeopardise an entire nation that I have nothing but love and respect for and which has treated me as a family."

It is reported that Holland has been released from quarantine to her hotel after both her tests were negative, while Elliott is still in isolation until he recovers from the virus.

The pair could face a $50,000 (€20,500) fine or a year's imprisonment for breaking Barbados's strict quarantine rules.