Paul Mescal has shared his hopes for 2021, saying the biggest thing he's looking forward to is "everyone’s health not feeling compromised or in danger". 

The Normal People star listed out trips to the cinema, a return to the theatre, and the opportunity to work more in a safe manner as things he is hopeful for next year, but health is his top priority. 

"I am looking forward to working. Working in a safe manner," he told Digital Spy. "I am looking forward to the opportunity to go back into a theatre, and going to a cinema and feeling safe." 

"I'm looking forward to – it sounds so basic, but I'm looking forward to everyone's health not feeling compromised or in danger," he continued.

"I think that's a huge thing, and it's very hard to discuss anything else other than that. 

Mescal in Normal People

"What I'm actually looking forward to in terms of experience, it all has to do with the arts. I can't wait to go see a gig. I can't wait to go see my friends in the theatre. I can't wait to go to the cinema.

"I'm really excited to share, hopefully soon, what I'm going to be working on next year, and for people to see that too." 

Mescal also spoke about working with Oscar-winner Olivia Colman saying she is the "greatest of the greatest" and that there were plenty of "pinch yourself" moments on set. 

Speaking of the social distancing rules on set, he said, "You can put 10 masks on me, and I'll be totally fine."