"Cacks" and feathers weren't quite flying on the Claire Byrne Show last night but the current affairs presenter finally got to confront Dustin the Turkey over the scurrilous rumours he’s been spreading about her over the past few weeks.

Having already ruffled the feathers of One Direction fans all over the world by cutting Niall Horan short as he sang during his recent appearance on The Den, Dustin popped up from behind a desk and took over the show to do what he does best - slag off RTÉ and double down on his accusations that Claire has, ahem, been wearing the same under garments for the past ten weeks due to work commitments during the pandemic.

Fresh - as always - from a triumphant Den Christmas special with Zig and Zag and Ray D’Arcy, the bird who gets a pardon every yuletide appeared unruffled by Claire’s protestations.

Dressed in a fetching denim jacket emblazoned with pictures of Claire, he was in fighting form.

With only Brendan O’Shea as referee, Claire and Dustin went head to head in a shouting match (well, Dustin was shouting anyway) but the presenter, who’s more used to grilling politicos than basting birds, proved more than a match for the Noggin nutter.

When The Den ended its glorious run last Sunday, Dustin was claiming that Claire had "the same cacks on for ten weeks now".

"You have no idea what you have put me through in my house," Claire, with tears of laugher in her eyes, told Dustin. "I have two children who are singing the song to me. I have lost all control in my house.

"When I try to give out to them, they sing your song to me and that is the end of it.’

The Turkey, however, was not for turning.

"You have no idea what you put your house through," he shot back, adding, "They were wearing six or seven masks by the end of it, Claire.

"Well done you, keeping the same cacks on for ten weeks."

But in the spirit of Christmas, he did admit that she had indeed changed her underwear and even presented the host with a Christmas gift - a t-shirt commemorating her achievement.

Alan Corr @CorrAlan2