HRVY, who topped the leader board on last night's Strictly Come Dancing, has dismissed rumours he is romantically involved with fellow contestant Maisie Smith. 

The social media star, 21, and EastEnders star 19, have become close friends on the BBC One show but social interaction between contestants has been limited due to Covid-19 restrictions.

HRVY, real name Harvey Cantwell, said he hoped they would go out for dinner once the rules were relaxed.

Addressing speculation over their friendship, he said: "Do you know what, there has been no dates yet. I'm not sure where they got the love and fun from but when this show is done I think we will definitely go out for some food somewhere, when we are allowed to.

"But for now we are really just focusing on the dances to be fair. We haven't really seen each other for the last couple of weeks or really any of the other contestants. Maybe possibly when the show is done."

HRVY also addressed images which emerged this month and appeared to show him and some of his fellow contestants failing to social-distance, admitting they had been reprimanded by BBC bosses.

He said: "It was me and a couple of other pros going from one studio to the next studio outside, and obviously we try our best to socially distance when we are walking around the studios and outside but obviously when you are walking and talking you don't even realise.

"But no one touched each other. I just think we were maybe slightly closer than two metres while we were talking.

"But also the cameras, when you get a picture taken of you it can make you look a lot closer than you actually are.

"But the BBC told us off and everything is all good and everyone is trying their best to maintain all the rules and regulation. We are all good. We are all OK."

HRVY became the first person to receive a perfect score of 30 on Strictly Come Dancing.