AJ Pritchard and Jessica Plummer had to navigate a series of pitch-black rooms and tunnels during Monday's trial on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

The Strictly and soap star were tasked with finding their way around the darkened course in search of stars in an effort to earn meals for the camp.

The pair got six stars out of a possible 12 after working together to gather the tokens.

The pair entered the course separately but only had one bag to collect the stars between them, so they had to find each other and work together.

After the trial, actress Plummer said she felt "gutted and disappointed" with their efforts.

She later added: "I feel like I don't deserve to eat tonight."

She was consoled by fellow actress Beverley Callard and podcast host Giovanna Fletcher who said that she and Pritchard had done their best.

Pritchard also labelled the challenge as "frustrating".

Monday's episode saw the group discuss their first kisses.

Fletcher said hers happened just before she went to secondary school after her friend told her she couldn't go without having kissed a boy, and so she offered up her boyfriend to her.

She said her husband Tom Fletcher "will be OK with me sharing my first story - it happened two years before I met him".

"If we'd have met a little bit sooner it would have been with him," she added.
TV presenter Vernon Kay said his happened at the end of Wigan Pier.

Fletcher and athlete Mo Farah also cooked the group's dinner of hare while the rest of the group looked on.

Fletcher said: "There's definitely some micromanagement going on and when you're in that situation you have to see it as people trying to be helpful rather than just sticking their oar in."

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