Irish actress Helen Behan has said that acting under pandemic restrictions is "an adjustment, but you get used to it, it becomes normal quite quickly".

Speaking to RTE Entertainment the BAFTA Nominated actress said: "I have been very lucky with all the work that I have had during the pandemic."

The actress explained that she had worked under the two most common methods of filming restrictions for Covid-19, the "bubble method" and "the frequent testing method".

"I worked on Nathalie Biancheri's film Wolf on the east coast of Ireland in April.

"We were quarantined before filming, then tested and then we all had to stay together in a bubble with everything being brought in to us, we were not allowed to leave our accommodation to even go to the shop for a couple of weeks.

"On the ITV Global series Intruder, there was a different method on set, we were tested many times during the week and the crew were separated into different departments with different armbands and all wearing masks.

"We were all socially distanced, each team would take turns on set and all interaction was limited. As all the crew were masked up, you wouldn't recognize the crew if you saw them again.

"It was very bizarre, there was no mixing in down time, there was no catering bus and we ate alone."

Intruder is a series about an English middle class working family whose world is turned upside down after a break-in. 

Behan explained that before filming even begins, Covid-19 restrictions become apparent during the audition process.

"Auditions have been held on Zoom since March, I have a space cleared in the house, a small area squared away with a light and a WIFI connection. The directors prepare you at the beginning and you audition as normal with your lines."

Behan added that the rehearsal process also is quite different too.

"It’s quite bizarre with everyone wearing masks or how somebody’s face was reacting because of the masks, but you just have to rely and trust the director that it will pan out on the day."

The actress, who has spent many hours of the pandemic walking within her 5km limit and learning her lines, has not needed to break this routine, as the work keeps coming.

She is set to star in SuzieJimmy Dean's upcoming short film about divorce, in the next few months.

Speaking about release dates for the various projects, Behan said: "After we finish filming we do not know when the work will actually be released due to the pandemic."

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