This week's episode of Movies Are Magic is all about how your ears play a part in watching and making films.

Sound in all it’s glory! We hear from kids talking Star Wars and the joy of old movies you never knew you could enjoy.

Cha gets gritty with a black and white classic To Kill a Mockingbird.

We talk Foley with Caoimhe Doyle of The Foley Lab who has made so many of the amazing sounds you hear in the background of countless films, even if you didn’t notice. (She helped make the sound of a man freezing in Game of Thrones. And Dragons. Lots of Dragons!)

Sean discusses all of the things you need to plan for when recording sound on set as well as ways to make your film all the better by working on it’s sound afterwards.

Plus an incredible Make a Movie from a six-year-old and several sonic recommendations from Nicky.

Headphones on and press play!

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