Gillian Anderson has said she had to put her views about Margaret Thatcher out of her mind when she portrayed the former British prime minister in The Crown.

The 52-year-old X-Files star, who is set to play Thatcher in the fourth series of Netflix's hit series, which will be available later this month, said she wanted to capture the politician as a "human being".

"I had to get to a point where it's nothing to do with my opinions of her policies, of her actions," Anderson told Harper's Bazaar.

"It is only about her as a human being and her motivation as a politician and as a mother."

Anderson also discussed working with her partner Peter Morgan, who created the series.

"For our sanity, and actually for the benefit of the relationship, we had very clear boundaries: 'I am not going to comment on the script, but you are not allowed to comment on the performance."'

Anderson  said she is good at "compartmentalising" her life and is able to switch off from her roles.

"I think I learnt that quite young, being a young mother, in a really intense TV series where it was either full on on-set, or I was in my trailer having to shut the door and no longer be that person but be mum," she said.

Season 4 of The Crown will stream on Netflix from November 15.

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