Sean ono Lennon has revealed his mother Yoko Ono used to turn up his late father John Lennon's microphone because he was "insecure about his own voice".

The Beatles legend would have turned 80 today and his 45-year-old son has shared some of his memories of his late dad.

Speaking on an Apple Music Hits Lennon special, Sean told host George Stroumboulopoulos: "He would leave the studio, go to the bathroom, and my mom would have to sneak up and turn his vocal up.

"And she said she would do that every time he left to make sure that he didn't turn it down before they bounced, because he was, oddly enough, apparently he was insecure about his own voice, which I understand … So, yeah, he didn't love it, and he would always turn it down apparently and she'd come and turn it up."

Sean also revealed that his mother wants to make sure her late husband's message of peace and love in his music never fades.

"For her it's all about peace and love and the message. I mean, she's really sincerely a kind of philosophical, spiritual person and leader."

"That's where, for her, it's all about the message. And when it comes to her motivation for revisiting the music and putting it out and making sure that my dad's songs are treated well, it really has to do with her belief that the message is important and we can't let it disappear.

"And we have to make sure that it remains in the consciousness and the bloodstream of culture and society … I think it's more true today than it has been at any other point in my lifetime in terms of remembering peace and love and gimme some truth. Both of those ideas are paramount.

"I think it was a really great opportunity in this bizarre, pandemic, election year to bring back a potent message in his words, and in his music that I think is sort of needed right now."

Lennon, who was shot dead at the age of 40 in New York in 1980, has continued to have an enduring influence on popular culture long after his murder.

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