Following a rather tough bread week, a third baker has been sent home by Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith on The Great British Bake Off. 

Rowan has become the third amateur baker to be eliminated from the Great British Bake Off.

The 55-year old from Worcestershire failed to impress judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith during Tuesday's bread-themed episode.

"I've had a wonderful time. It is exhausting, but very rewarding," he said as he left the tent.

Rowan said goodbye to his fellow bakers on this week's Bake Off

He was the third person to leave the Channel 4 show, after 50-year-old accountant Mak and 27-year-old diagnostic radiographer Loriea were axed in previous weeks.

The signature challenge saw the bakers try their hand at two soda bread loaves, one sweet and one savoury, with an accompanying butter.

Marc, 51, a bronze resin sculptor from Cornwall, suffered a mishap with his buttermilk, spraying it over his workstation and himself.

"I'm alright. I'm carrying on," he told co-hosts Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas.

Despite this, Marc impressed the judges, with Leith describing his savoury loaf as "delicious".

After an unsuccessful start to the competition, Hermine, 39, an accountant from London, won the second Hollywood handshake of the series for her savoury salmon and sweet boozy fruit breads.

Hollywood told her: "Do you know what I love? I love the fact I have never had them before and that's what Bake Off is all about."

In the technical challenge, the contestants crafted six rainbow coloured bagels, featuring five different colours - a tribute to the NHS.

The rainbow has become a symbol of hope during the pandemic, with children making pictures of them to stick to their windows.

The Bake Off gang had a great time on last night's show

Rowan, 55, a music teacher from Worcestershire, placed in last, while Marc took second and retired living team leader Linda, 61, took first.

For the showstopper, the contestants were challenged to create a large decorative bread plaque in the style of a traditional harvest festival sheaf.

It needed to display the one thing they were most grateful for, with choices including a Worcester pear tree and a beachside home.

Hermine's depiction of her motorway journey to France, constructed of brioche and focaccia, failed to impress Hollywood on taste.

Laura's musicals-inspired bake featured comedy and tragedy masks in a nod to the West End.

However, her bake failed to rise and Hollywood labelled it "raw".

Marc crafted a Buddhist dharma wheel after a book on meditation helped his mental recovery after losing his leg in a motorcycle accident in 2016.

Leith described it as "surprising and pretty and quite neat, and certainly colourful".