Laura Whitmore has described 2020 as a "learning year" adding that she hopes it will make her a better person.

The Love Island presenter spoke about what living during Covid-19 has taught her.

"I've learned to be easier on myself," she told OK! magazine. 

"Not to put so much pressure on myself and to take time out. I definitely feel it's been the biggest learning year and I hope I'm coming out of it a better person.

"And I feel my voice has got louder and I'm not scared to say things I wouldn't have before."

Whitmore also said she worried that she was becoming too reliant on social media.

"I put pressure on myself at the start of lockdown because I was worrying that I was spending too much time on social media," she said.

"I was on there a lot but I guess that was my connection to the outside world so I didn't want to be too hard on myself."