Just a week after getting married in Canada, Dancing on Ice stars Kevin Kilbane and Brianne Delcourt have revealed that they are expecting their first child together.

The couple began a whirlwind romance after meeting on the ITV show last October and were engaged after just four months together.

Brianne is five months pregnant and speaking to OK! Magazine, former Republic of Ireland footballer Kevin, 43, said, "I actually couldn't be happier to be married and to have a baby on the way."

Delcourt and Kilbane on Dancing on Ice 

39-year-old Brianne added: "We keep saying to each other, 'Imagine if we knew this last year.’ I wouldn’t have believed it!"

"Everything may seem fast in other people’s eyes and we can’t believe it ourselves but we do everything together so this was naturally the next step," said Kilbane.

"It was initially surprising because it came at a crazy time when there was already a lot going on, but we were planning it - we just didn’t realise it would happen so quick."

Professional ice skater Brianne said she discovered her surprise pregnancy earlier this year, saying that she had been "feeling weird" and couldn't stop crying, so took a test without Kevin knowing it.

When it came back positive, she wrote an emotional letter telling her other half and put it under his pillow for him to find, reports The Sun.

The couple has planned to wed in Ireland but were forced to abandon their plans due to the pandemic and instead held a small ceremony on September 5 at the Bonnie View Inn, a lakeside hotel in Brianne's home country of Canada.

Kilbane is already a dad to two girls, Elsie and Isla.