Ryan Tubridy has thrown down a challenge to Late Late Toy Show fans, telling them that this year's opening song is "unguessable".

The host shared an update on preparations for the biggest television night of the year on his RTÉ Radio 1 show on Tuesday.

"I had my first - I use the term loosely - singing lesson for the Toy Show opening number," he said.

"By singing lesson I mean my old friend Jim Sheridan [ Late Late Show band leader] got together with me by the piano, just in a studio nearby here one morning, to find the key in which the opening song would be sung. And the opening song is so 'unguessable' by anyone on this island. You will not guess it, you just won't." 

"I'm glad we had the whole place to ourselves and top secret because we don't want anyone to guess it," he continued.

"But we found the key and it's going to be ok. I mean, you wouldn't want to be a tuneful person to enjoy it. But look, if you've a few scoops in you'll be grand and that's what it is. 

"But we're there and I've a big meeting coming up after the programme this morning as well. So in other words, the show goes on and the planning goes on and everything's going to happen and it's just going to be a little bit tweaked."              

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