Tenet star Elizabeth Debicki has told RTÉ Entertainment that her inner critic decreed that everyone in the long-awaited Christopher Nolan film was "exceptional" - except her.

When it was put to Debicki that her character, Kat, is very much "the heart side" of the spy thriller, the Australian star replied: "I have heard that now a few times. I suppose I'm never going to see it like that, because I'm going to see me in the ensemble of the film.

Debicki with Kenneth Branagh in Tenet

"I think that she does have - it's one of the reasons why I loved her on the page and I loved playing her - a pretty extraordinary scope to her, emotionally, and what she goes through in the movie. There's a lot of colour and there's a lot of range written into that role. 

"I'm biased, obviously, because when I watch my own work I'm always like, 'Bleeh!' I find it very difficult, and I watched the movie and went, 'Oh my God: everybody, everybody else is exceptional!'"

"But I felt like, actually, what JD [her co-star John David Washington] and Ken [Kenneth Branagh] and Rob [Robert Pattinson] and I do is actually really come together as a foursome, and we're sort of playing different notes to the whole thing," Debicki added.

"Without one you don't have the other. So I think they all bring a kind of heart to it, just different colours."

Tenet is in cinemas now.

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