Pop duo Jedward have slammed Jim Corr over his attendance of an anti-lockdown rally in Dublin on Saturday.

The exchange on Twitter sparked a back and forth between the The Corrs band member and the pop duo, during which they traded put-downs. 

The pair commented using one of The Corrs' song titles: "G'wan leave the whole country "breathless" from Covid because of your idiotic behaviour."

The row began to get more personal when Corr responded to the twins, telling them to shut up.

Jedward added that Corr should just: "Runaway", and he responded with a a video clip of The Corrs' song "I never loved you anyway"

Ireland's Millie Vanillie have spoken and I shall hand in my notice forthwith.

But lads, I just want to say...https://t.co/lgmjdAKusW

😘 https://t.co/Buolb10OXa

— Jim Corr (@Jimcorrsays) August 22, 2020

The duo then said that twitter fights are so pathetic.