Paul McCartney and Ryan Reynolds have been removed from the list of nominees for the office of chief in an upcoming election at an Indian reserve in Canada.

The Canadian actor and the British singer had been nominated for the position at Walpole Island, although they are not members of the First Nation reserve.

The deadline for contacting nominees was last Thursday after which James Jenkins, Walpole Island's director of operations, revealed that attempts to contact both McCartney and Reynolds were unsuccessful.

"The celebrity names were removed by our Electoral Officer under the direction of Indigenous Services Canada (ISC)," Jenkins said on Friday.

"I understand that ISC Elections Division has a protocol for this because if the nominated person cannot be contacted with the information provided, it is impossible to determine who the candidate was intended to be.

"For example, there are many hundreds of people with the names 'Ryan Reynolds' and ‘Paul McCartney’ in Canada and the United States."

The September 19 election currently has 12 candidates nominated for chief and some 80 council nominees.

Paul McCartney: the name removed from electoral list