Following her prolonged on-screen absence, Coronation Street bosses have revealed the whereabouts of Liz McDonald.

Production on the ITV soap resumed last June following lockdown in the UK and many cast members have yet to make their return to the set. However, Liz, who is played by Beverley Callard, may never grace the cobbles again.

Callard announced earlier this year that she would be leaving the role, and planned to film her final scenes in July. She even joked she planned to spend her last day burning her old costumes.

In tonight's episode, Steve can be seen talking to Leanne about all the stress of young Oliver's condition. He then mentions that Liz had jetted off to Spain and that he really could have done with her around.

Leanne invited Steve over to hers, where he confessed that he just wanted "everything to go back to the way it was".

Steve said he wasn't feeling depressed but "different" because of the "pressure of having to be normal", to which Leanne replied: "I don't suppose it helps that your mum's in Spain, either."

"I get why she had to get out of here, but one less person to talk to, I suppose," he sighed.