Fleetwood Mac star Stevie Nicks has urged fans to wear a face covering and warned that she may never sing again if she catches Covid-19.

The 72-year-old shared a journal entry dated August 10 to Facebook in which she compared the US during the coronavirus pandemic to an episode of the popular TV series American Horror Story.

Nicks addressed the politicisation of mask-wearing and social distancing in the US, and argued that the virus itself "is not political" but a "silent killer hiding in the shadows".

She also cited reported symptoms of the virus including "micro-blood clots", "neurological problems" and "a cough that rips your throat apart and keeps coming back".

The singer, who has been inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame twice - once as a solo artist and once with Fleetwood Mac - added: "If I get it, I will probably never sing again.

"Put me on a ventilator and I will be hoarse for the rest of my life.

"I don't have much time . . . I am 72-years-old."

Fleetwood Mac

Nicks said "we are heading for a crash" and that "people are dying because people aren't wearing their masks".

She also recalled her guest role in Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story, where she played a witch in a storyline that saw the wealthiest of earth's inhabitants take shelter from an apocalypse below ground.

She said she "felt the gravity of it even then", adding: "You did not want to leave that safe house because only death awaited you above ground.

"When those characters ventured out for just a moment they wore their hazmat suits and black gas masks, no questions asked.

"I found it terrifying. It was the end of the world."

Nicks concluded her entry by saying: "It is not a mini-series - it is a tragedy."

Last week the confirmed number of coronavirus cases in the US reached five million, according to the tally kept by Johns Hopkins University.