The Killers' legal team say they have found no evidence to support allegations of sexual assault against members of their touring crew in 2009. 

An investigation was launched last week by The Killers after a former sound engineer, who goes by the name Chez Cherrie on social media, claimed to have heard crew members discuss the sexual assault of an unconscious woman in a dressing room at a gig in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

None of the band members was implicated in the allegations.

After speaking to Cherrie, as well as venue staff, tour staff and the alleged victim, the legal team said they were "unable to find any corroboration whatsoever" for these claims.

In a statement, The Killers' legal team Reynolds & Associates said "the serious accusations of sexual misconduct and a sexual assault backstage at the Rave in 2009 were discovered to be entirely unfounded".

The Las Vegas-formed band are still urging anyone with further information to contact them.

The claims emerged last week in a blog post by Cherrie, who said she had worked with The Killers briefly in 2009, and claimed she had been the only female touring with them at the time.

The band's legal representatives said at the time that they were taking the allegations "extremely seriously" and they were "astonished and shocked by these claims".

They said Cherrie had joined the touring team for three weeks and received much of the information detailed in her blog post from "a second or third-hand source".

The statement added: "She confirmed that she did not witness the alleged events herself."

The legal team said a former front of house engineer for the band, one of Cherrie's superiors, had been "a problematic workmate" whose treatment of others was deemed "unfair" by those who witnessed it.

They concluded this person's "poor management" and "sexist remarks and rude comments" had caused the female engineer "great distress".

The Killers have now promised to establish a new touring system where "the entire touring party are furnished with an off-site independent HR contact" to call anonymously to flag any concerns.

The group also expressed regret that Cherrie was "made to feel unsafe and bullied during her brief time with the band" and understood that it was "not always feasible" for touring crew to raise concerns with superiors. 

In response to the band's findings, Cherrie said she was grateful that they had taken her experiences seriously, and that their actions could "potentially lead the industry in a restorative manner so this never happens again".

Cherrie disagreed with some "generalised statements" in the report, but did not cite specifics. She said she was "beyond relieved" that the report had traced the woman at the centre of the claims.

The Killers - Brandon Flowers, Dave Keuning, Mark Stoermer and Ronnie Vannucci Jr - formed in 2001 and are preparing to release their sixth album, Imploding The Mirage.

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