Singing sisters Linda and Anne Nolan have announced that they've both been diagnosed with cancer.

In an interview with The Sun, the siblings revealed that they found out the news just days apart, following the filming earlier this year of their Quest Red TV series The Nolans Go Cruising with sisters Coleen and Maureen.

Their other sister Bernie lost her battle against breast cancer seven years ago.

Recalling the moment they revealed their double diagnosis to Coleen and Maureen, Linda said: "We laughed and we cried really. It's hysterical. Forget the Chemical Brothers, we've become the Chemo Sisters."

Linda now has an incurable form of liver cancer, having previously survived breast cancer in 2006, lymphoedema in her arm a year later and secondary cancer on her pelvis in 2017.

"On May 7, our sister Maureen called me at 10am to say that Anne's breast cancer had been confirmed,"  61-year-old Linda recalled. "Then half an hour later my oncologist's secretary phoned me to say, 'We need you to have an MRI scan because we've seen something on your liver'.

"I couldn't tell anyone then because they were so obviously devastated about Anne. I thought, 'I can't turn around now and say, 'Actually I've got it back as well’."

While acknowledging that she will likely be living with cancer permanently, Linda is determined that the condition will not define her.

"I've had it since 2006 and I'm still here and I was able to go back out and do shows with the girls and live a practically normal life," she said.

"I'm still here and part of a great family that I love very much and I'm going to fight as much as I can to stay around and be with them."

69-year-old Anne is hoping to be fully cured by the course of chemotherapy she is currently undergoing.

"The cancer hasn't metastasised, it's just contained in the breast. That was an amazing thing to hear really.

"I keep telling myself the chemo is horrible, but hopefully it's doing its job. And it's not a case of being brave. I'm not brave. I haven't been brave at all - I've been crying and probably stressing my sisters and my daughters.

"So I'm not brave. I just haven't got any choice. Either I do it, take chemo, or face the consequences."