Musician and leader of the Late Late Show band, Jim Sheridan, has produced an impressive Les Miserables duet between Russell Crowe and Jeff Leyton.

Crowe famously played Javert in the 2012 big screen version of Les Miserables and Leyton is a musical theatre star, who has played Valjean on stage over 3,600 times, by far the most of any actor. 

The two actors performing together is really something special.

It all began with Sheridan sending Leyton a recording of him playing a song from the musical, with Leyton then adding his vocals to it. After a like on Twitter from Crowe, it reached a big audience.

Sheridan then sent the work to Crowe, who he had previously played with on The Late Late Show, and the rest is history.

Sheridan said he loves the videos "pure raw talent" from both artists and the "no frills, one take straight down the lens" approach.

"When you have the acting and singing chops a performance can become spine tingling," he added.