Comedian Alison Spittle is to co-host a new BBC comedy podcast, Wheel of Misfortune, from next Tuesday, August 4 with friend and fellow comic Fern Brady.

The BBC says the podcast on BBC Sounds will see Spittle and Brady "spin their Wheel of Misfortune to land on a different theme for the week, such as bullying, parents, tattoos or theft". 

"Alison and Fern, who share the same dark sense of humour, will then exchange their best worst story on that topic," the broadcaster continues.

Wheel of Misfortune premieres on BBC Sounds on Tuesday, August 4

"From Alison talking about the time she got fired from her retail job for letting a family of five shoplift, to Fern's dad pretending his new wife was the cleaning lady, this is a no-holds-barred podcast which will feature their most embarrassing, bleak and cringiest anecdotes that make each other laugh."

Spittle and Brady also want to hear listeners' "grim tales". Guests including Blindboy, Lou Sanders, Sara Pascoe, Joe Lycett and  Deborah Frances-White will also be sharing their own stories.

"I'm delighted that I'm doing a BBC podcast with my friend Fern. She's very funny, has horrific stories and gives great WhatsApp voice notes," said Spittle.

"We wanted to do a podcast where we could hear voice notes from the public on a different subject each week. I made a real spinning wheel with subjects such as pets, tattoos and housemates - which one will come next? It's like penny drop with shared trauma instead of coins. This is a podcast for people who love to hear glib yet funny anecdotes; basically we made a podcast for us and other people can eavesdrop and contribute their stories too."

 "I've made a name for myself doing blunt, honest comedy, and I became friends with Alison cause she'll talk about the bleakest stuff with a lightness of touch," added Brady.

"We have the best times when we sit around laughing and telling stories at each other's houses, and we both enjoy podcasts that feature members of the public instead of just celeb guests. We wanted to make something that not only has us having a laugh together but involves our audience as well."