The Killers have issued a statement saying they are "astonished and shocked" about allegations of sexual misconduct taking place on one of their tours.

Legal representatives for the US rock group said they will be contacting the person who made the claims.

They issued a statement in relation to claims made in a blog post that a sound engineer witnessed sexual misconduct taking place while the band were touring in the US more than a decade ago.

The statement added that the band are taking the allegations "extremely seriously" and they are "astonished and shocked by these claims".

It stated: "The behaviour attributed to them and their crew is unrecognisable and in direct opposition to the principles with which they run their workplace."

The Killers' front man Brandon Flowers

The woman who wrote the blog post said she was working as a sound engineer for the group and was the only female touring with the band.

She said that abuse took place in a dressing room with a woman who was heavily intoxicated and did not claim that any members of the band were involved or present.

The statement from the band's lawyers added: "This person's story is appalling and, while The Killers do not have the same touring crew in 2020 that they had earlier in their career, they will be conducting a thorough investigation into past and present tour staff.

"Their legal team will be reaching out to this person for more information and clarity on the alleged incidents as detailed, as well as to the audio vendor who provided crew for the tour."