Countdown presenter Rachel Riley has apologised to Jedward after joking about their music while criticising an anti-Semitic rant by rapper Wiley. 

Over the weekend Grime star Wiley was banned from Twitter after using the social media platform to publish anti-Semitic comments. 

Riley, who is Jewish, said the Grime star could have "just done a duet with Jedward" if he was looking to end his career instead of making the "bizarre" statements. 

Rachel Riley
Countdown star Rachel Riley 

She said: "He could have just done a duet with Jedward if he was that keen to end his career.

"An unprompted, still going, public antisemitic breakdown is a bizarre route to go down."

Jedward replied: "You are a patron for a Center for Countering Digital Hate?

"And yet here you are spreading Hate!! As anti bullying ambassadors we don't approve of this!"

Rachel promptly apologised and deleted her original tweet.

She then replied to the brothers: "Genuinely didn't mean any offence to you, was just a joke and you were the least grime people I could think of."

She also tweeted the statement: "Apologies to Jedward, totally flippant joke about them not being particularly grime and no offence intended. 

"Good meme below though, they're nice boys and I didn't think of the cumulative impact of jokes."