Russell Crowe has admitted he regrets not enjoying more time with his children when they were growing up, saying it "worries me greatly that I didn't spend enough time with them".

The 56-year-old actor, who has two sons with ex-wife Danielle Spencer, said the Covid-19 pandemic has given him ''perspective'' on his relationship with the boys.

Speaking on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, he said: ''I look back, and I think I should have given more time [to my children].

"It's tricky. I have this big job, and my entire work life takes place overseas," he said.

''It worries me greatly that I didn't spend enough time with them."

''If you're on a big movie like Robin Hood and you're physically getting the crap beaten out of you every week, you come to the weekend, and all they [his sons] see of you is this lump on the couch.

''I know a lot of people have had hard times during this period, and I feel deeply for them, but my perspective, simply being able to stay at home, is such a privilege," he added.

Crowe and Spencer wed in 2003 at his cattle ranch in Nana Glen, New South Wales. They announced their separation in 2012.

The Oscar winning star admits while he can't change the past, he "can certainly work on having less distance" going forward.

''I can't cover the holes I made then, but I can certainly work on having less distance in the future.

"They're in a good place now, but going forward, I really feel like I've got to start working in Australia.''

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