Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren has revealed she had to chase a bear out of her garden at her home in the US.

The 74-year-old Hollywood star said she managed to chase it away by shouting "bad bear" at the hairy creature in a bid to intimidate it.

Speaking on the WTF With Marc Maron podcast Mirren said she discovered the bear trying to eat the bird food on her property before running up to it and shouting at him.

"A great big black bear came by and stole my bird feed," Mirren explained. "I went out and I said, 'Bad bear, naughty bear, very naughty bear!'

"He sort of looked at me and lumbered off."

The Queen star said she learnt from a pamphlet what to do if you find yourself facing a bear "looking aggressively at you and hunching its back like it is about to charge".

"They said you make yourself look as big as possible, if you can grab a stick, make yourself look big and then it literally said and then shout, 'Bad bear, bad bear!"'