Iconic musician Elton John is to be honoured in a series of commemorative coins, including a £1,000 gold coin priced at a princely £68,865 (€76,920).

The Royal Mint at Llantrisant in South Wales is to sell the coins.

Artist Bradley Morgan Johnson from Norwich used a musical note design, embellished by round spectacles topped with straw boater hat and bow-tie on a flag background, for the new coins.

"It really is a fabulous honour to be recognised in this way," said Elton, as reported by the BBC.

"The last few years have contained some of the most memorable moments of my career, and this is another truly humbling milestone on my journey."

There will be a range of coins of differing values, in gold and silver and in non-precious metal. 

The cheapest coins have a face value of £5 - selling for £13 - while a one-kilo gold proof coin has a face value of £1,000 (€1,116) priced at £68,865 (€76,920.)

The band Queen was the first act to be celebrated in the Royal Mint's series of music legends with a coin issued in January.