Dermot Kennedy has told the Ray D'Arcy Show on RTÉ Radio 1 that his collaboration with fellow singer-songwriter Niall Horan "may never see the light of day".

Kennedy was a guest on the show this week and was asked about the status of his collaboration with Horan.

"I did a bit with Niall," he said. "It was gas. It was this thing where we were sending ideas back and forth on WhatsApp. At one point he was like, 'Will I call you?' I was like, 'It's grand! This is fine [laughs]! We're getting our point across!'"


"I thought I would have been the type who had to be in the studio and who couldn't do it without the sort of, like, physical engagement, but it's been good for me," Kennedy continued.

"To be honest, when I'm writing I definitely need time away from that person by myself, to think about the idea by myself, and so this grants me that. It's been really good for me."

"So when will we hear the end product of you and Niall Horan's collaboration?" asked the host.

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"Who knows?" Kennedy replied. "It lives with him, you'll have to follow up with him!"

"So it'll be 'Niall Horan featuring Dermot Kennedy' or will it be 'Dermot Kennedy featuring Niall Horan'?" D'Arcy inquired.

"Who knows? We will see," said Kennedy. "The amount of this stuff [collaborations] that goes on and it may never see the light of day. Who knows? [It's a] Good tune." 

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