Corrie's Shelley King, who plays Yasmeen Nazir on the popular soap, has said her character has "huge self-doubt" because of her history.

When asked if Yasmeen is slowly starting to accept that she is a victim of Geoff's abuse," King said: "I think it’s a rollercoaster because even when the words 'not guilty’ came out of her mouth she was doubting herself because of her history.

"She has huge self-doubt, and a lot of women in her situation do have that. Because historically, they believe themselves to have made bad decisions in their lives, they have a repetitive strain of abuse," she said.

"She continually says to Alya, 'He’s a complicated man, you don’t understand him. And the second thing that she says to Alya, which she brings up to her many, many times is, 'I did it'.

"Whatever he did, I had no right to treat him in the way that I did. I had no right. Whatever he did, I should not have done what I did."

In upcoming scenes Yasmeen calls Alya from prison, and Geoff answers the phone, and King admits her character experiences mixed emotions.

"It's extraordinary, and again we know she misses him. The sound of his voice calms her in a way. But the way that he speaks sometimes alerts her. So again, she has this dichotomy of feeling – she feels protected when she hears him, and she’s got used to his voice meaning comfort and security.

"He does say, "Look I still love you," but he also says,"I’m willing to forgive you".

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