Piers Morgan has claimed that Donald Trump's re-election campaign has bombarded him with emails begging for support in the run-up to November’s US presidential election. 

Good Morning Britain presenter Morgan says he had received emails saying that Trump needs him "now more than ever'

A former supporter of the polarising president, 55-year-old Morgan has recently become critical of Trump and in particular his handling of the coronavirus pandemic which has ravaged the US more than any country in the world. 

"The sheer volume that I've had from him and his team," Morgan said on GMB on Tuesday. "These automated emails to his 'supposed' supporters has been a literal bombardment over the last week.

"It shows me that they're panicking, they must be panicking [as] I've never had it before.

"So there's a real battle now. We've got 130 odd days until election and there's a general sense in America [that] they just can't cope with four more years of Trump."