RTÉ 2fm's Eoghan McDermott appreciates the bright side of working from home. "Instead of getting up at about 4.40am, I get to fall out of bed at 6.25am, make a cup of tea and sit into my office."

"My work/life balance has actually improved somewhat with lockdown for two reasons. One: I'm broadcasting from home and so the morning commute has vanished. Two: The Breakfast Show start time has been pushed back to 6.45am rather than 6am.

"So instead of getting up at about 4.40am, I get to fall out of bed at 6.25, make a cup of tea and sit into my office. It's the silver lining of a bleak cloud. I do wonder how the world will recalibrate the work/life balance after all measures have lifted." 

Eoghan, second from right, was part of the RTÉ Does Comic Relief team

"I used to run 5k every Saturday with my Dad pre-lockdown, but that's changed to about four times a week, over in Marlay Park. We run, get a flat white and flapjack and chat.

"I've learned more insights into my wider family from these chats than I have in all my earthly years combined. I've really embraced my parents as friends more than anything, during the last few years, and the extra time we have now is lovey and cherished."

"I'll usually listen to The Daily, the New York Times podcast around lunchtime. It's quite America-centric, but has been very moving and insightful around Covid. Their episode with the weeping head of the respiratory unit in a hospital in Bergamo, Italy as the pandemic struck hard will stay with me for a long time.

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"As embarrassing as it is to admit, I've just finished watching the highly trashy but blindingly addictive Selling Sunset on Netflix. High-end property agents in Los Angeles, selling blingy houses in the Hollywood hills. Property porn and manufactured drama. A potent mix!"

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