Taylor Swift has said she sometimes feels pop music can be like The Hunger Games.

"Pop music can feel like The Hunger Games, and we're gladiators," Swift told the Sun on Sunday.

"Over-analysing everything makes it feel really intense.''

The 30-year-old star also spoke about how her lockdown has been going, saying she has been watching films and FaceTiming family and friends.

"A lot of people have been watching lots and lots of TV in this time of quarantine and I've been watching some old films I hadn't seen before," she said. 

"I love spending a full evening cooking a meal, while sipping a glass of wine and listening to old music, then watching an old film. I hadn't seen Rear Window with Grace Kelly by Alfred Hitchcock. It was phenomenal. 

"During this time, I've also done a lot of FaceTime - especially with family, which is hilarious." she added.