Normal People stars Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones hilariously reprised their roles as Connell and Marianne on RTÉ Does Comic Relief on Friday night, with their perma-complicated relationship receiving some input from a most surprising special guest.

Warning: spoiler alert!

With director Lenny Abrahamson back behind the lens, and playwright Conor McPherson going meta with author Sally Rooney's characters, this was just like the series: it left you wanting more.

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The unexpected postscript to the TV drama phenomenon of the year began with Connell still struggling to express himself - this time in the confessional!

"I'm in love, Father, but it's complicated," he admitted.

"Tell me about it," sighed the priest - Andrew Scott, back as the 'Hot Priest' from Fleabag!

Recovering his composure, the cleric gravely intoned: "Tell me about it, my son."

Connell went on to explain that he was none the wiser about how he should move forward - or not - with Marianne. 

"I feel like I'm causing pain to the person I love," he said. "When I try to express how I'm feeling at the time that's when things get confused."

With Connell stringing sentences of more than four words together, the Priest also found his own voice.

"I get it," he agreed. "When it's good, it feels so good. Her kisses just taste so sweet. It's almost like being tested. You lie awake at night and you just lie there wondering is this some cosmic challenge that you're being burdened with in order to audit your soul..."

And he kept going, and going, with Connell struggling to get a word in edgeways - until someone else arrived on the other side of the confessional...

Yes, you know who!

Admitting that she didn't "believe in the concept of sin", had never been to confession and rejected "the whole institution of the Church as an anachronistic, patriarchal organ of repression," Marianne's visit looked like it would be over before it really started.

"Yeah, fair enough," replied the Priest.

"Ethically, this isn't something I'm entirely comfortable with," she said, doubling down.

"So why are you here?" asked the Priest. 

Marianne then confessed that she "stole something" because she was "angry with someone who hurt me".

Cue a cameo from the third player in Connell and Marianne's relationship - the chain!

"That's mine," said Connell.

Talk about confusion! 

As Connell and Marianne realised that fate had thrown them together again, the Priest's head was beginning to melt between the two of them, until he received some divine inspiration - sort it out with a song.

"Sorry, is all that you can..." he sang. "You know the song?" 

And with remarkable powers of persuasion, he managed to get Connell and Marianne to join him.

They made quite the trio - a charity single should be a priority!

As for the chain, well, as the Priest would say himself, God works in mysterious ways...

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Connell and Marianne's reunion was a big hit with fans and it became a huge talking point on social media.

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