Marvin Humes has urged men to reach out to their loved ones to check on their mental health on Father's Day.

The 35-year-old JLS singer told Channel 4's Sunday Brunch that men should check in on each other because of the "very tough" time that people have been having during the coronavirus pandemic.

"I think today being Father's Day, the message is to reach out to your loved ones.

"Dads reach out to sons, sons reach out to dads, your brothers, your mates, because the last three months, of course, have been very tough for everybody."

"I feel like ladies are very good at having those social connections with their girlfriends, their mums, their sisters."

He said that his wife Rochelle "will be on the phone to her friends, four or five different friends a day, whereas us guys don't do that".

"I feel like it’s really important that we keep those networks open with each other and provide support," he said.

"I think with today being Father's Day, I think it is important that we reach out and make sure that everyone’s doing alright, you know?"

In April, The Saturdays star Rochelle Humes announced she is expecting her third child with husband Marvin.