Aoibhín Garrihy has opened up about parenting two young children and running a business during the coronavirus pandemic.

The mum-of-two, who has daughters Hanorah and Líobhan with her hotelier husband John Burke, admits raising "two under 2" is a "juggling act".

Speaking to Marty Morrissey on his new show Marty in the Shed for the RTÉ Player, the 31-year-old former Fair City star explained how she had to take the interview from her car as she doesn't get "a minute's peace inside the house."

"I'm in the car - AKA my new office! When I need to get a bit of work done this is where I retreat to because I don't get a minute's peace inside the house. It's a disaster!

"Two under two - it's a juggling act," she said. "We tag team. John books in the morning session and he goes out to the car, then I got out to the car for the afternoon session," she laughs. "We're all improvising," she added.

Both Garrihy and her husband are involved in business and the Dancing with the Stars finalist admits "it's a trying time" for entrepreneurs.

"We're all involved in business. John is at the Armada Hotel at Spanish Point. I have a health and wellness business called BEO.

"We were due to have a series of events at the moment, we are meant to be in our spring series of events and of course that had to be postponed. 

"The hotel is now empty and it's the first time I've ever seen it that way."

"It's a trying time when you are in business. The only consolation is that everyone is in it together," she said.

Garrihy said it's difficult to take maternity leave when you work for yourself and joked about how she would love to be sipping on a latte in a coffee shop with her new bundle of joy, Líobhan, who was welcomed into the world in November.

"When you work for yourself you don't really get maternity leave. I'm still unofficially on maternity leave at the moment.

"I should just be chilling out and going for coffee with my baby but that's not happening," she laughed.

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