She has strong Irish heritage on both sides of her family and now Star Trek actress Kate Mulgrew has said that she plans to set course for Ireland if Donald Trump wins a second term as US president. 

Mulgrew, who played Captain Kathryn Janeway in Star Trek: Voyager, told, "If Trump gets four more years, I am promising you, I will leave the country. And I will go and live in Ireland. 

"There are very wise people over there. They get it," she added. 

The 65-year-old actress, who also starred in Orange is the New Black, is the daughter of Irish Americans and is no stranger to Ireland. She wrote her second biography, How to Forget: A Daughter's Memoir, on the shores of Lake Corrib, and was here last year as part of the Galway International Arts Festival.

Speaking to the Ryan Tubridy last July when she was in Galway, she recalled her visit to Ireland. 

Donald Trump

"It was my father who compelled me to come to Ireland. My first stop was Dingle, Ireland, when I was 18 years old," she said. "My father called me, I was in New York studying. He said 'you’ve got to get on a plane and come over, I’ve fallen in love with an Irish woman’."

"Of course he was well married to my mother at the time, so had I to jump on that plane to see with my own eyes who had felled my old man."

During the interview with, which took place ahead of a cast reunion of Star Trek:Voyager to mark the show’s 25th anniversary, Mulgrew also discussed the possibility of reprising her role as Captain Janeway in new series Star Trek: Picard.

"I think it would be wonderful to explore Janeway’s continued love of adventure and perhaps even, love of power," she said.

"So, there are any number of things that could be delicious to dip into. But I don’t think it is going to happen. I am not saying that summarily, but time’s a wasting, you know?"

Star Trek: Voyager "visited" Ireland in an episode set largely on the Holodeck, which saw the crew visit the fictional Irish coastal town of Fair Haven.