Singing seems to be taking a back seat for Robbie Williams as the former Take That star is looking to make a big impression on the small screen.

The 46-year-old has revealed that he is currently working on a number of television projects and he wants to follow in Simon Cowell's footsteps by creating his own telly empire.

Williams told The Sunday Mirror: "There is a new avenue that I am moving into - TV. I am very, very excited about it.

"I hope we go back to normal soon because I have got so many TV ideas that I wanna do a myriad, a smorgasbord.

"There is literally so many. I have got five in the works right now. It is such an early stage I daren't talk about it."

This could be a highly lucrative carer move for Williams, who was paid a hefty £10 million for his role as a judge on The X Factor.

But that's pocket money compared to the earning power of Simon Cowell, who has built an entertainment empire while making a massive amount of money from his involvement in television.

But Robbie is frustrated that the Covid-19 pandemic has put his telly plans on hold for the time being.

"I miss having the option to do something and feeling that I cannot do that is restrictive," he said.

"I am looking forward to when we can just have free movement and get back to normal. I will be looking forward to that kind of weightlifting."