The UK's national broadcaster the BBC is planning a makeover of its flagship TV channel BBC One to increase its appeal to younger viewers and lower-income households.

The BBC said, in its annual plan, it will "invest in more British programmes targeted at younger audiences" on the channel.

It also added it would aim to "appeal more to audiences in the C2DE socio-economic group while continuing to deliver a high-quality offer to those over 55".

In terms of content, BBC dramas "will celebrate British authorship, identity and life in all its diverse forms," the broadcaster said.

Earlier this year, Fran Unsworth, director of news and current affairs, said there were "many people in this country that we are not serving well enough".

The broadcaster recently revealed that hit BBC One soap EastEnders is set to resume filming by the end of June. Production was halted on the show due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Much-changed motoring show Top Gear, which is set to switch channels from BBC Two to BBC One, will also be up and running again in the near future.