Springwatch presenter Chris Packham has said that he hopes people will establish a "new normal" once the coronavirus pandemic is over in order tackle environmental issues.

He feels that humanity has got to find "some good in the bad" and learn lessons from the virus outbreak, and added that the lockdown has driven some people to become more interested in the wildlife that surrounds them.

Packham said: "We've learned some harsh lessons, so we need to make sure we implement those improvements in the future, and the environment has got to be a key part of that."

He added that while "people will want to get back to normal", he hopes that we can reach a "new normal" where we are "healthier as individuals and as a species, and ultimately as a planet".

Packham hopes for a post-pandemic 'new normal' that emphasises the environment

People are becoming more engaged with the natural world around them during the lockdown, he added.

"If you look at Facebook and Twitter, it's full of people that are just exuberant about the stuff that's going on around them," Packham said.

He said that "simple things" are "brightening their lives and making their communities a healthier and happier place to be".

Packham added that the new series of Springwatch, which he presents and is set to return to TV screens next week, will be "reflecting" on those issues.

Springwatch will be broadcast on BBC Two from May 26.