Independent Dublin musician Conor Thornton's latest music project, Despair & Devotion in XS City, sees him take on the persona of Vick Valentine, a nightclub singer who plays the lonely lounges of the fictional futuristic XS City.

Time to meet the man behind the music that has a very definite mood to it. 

Tell us 3 things about yourself?
1. As you will see from my overly-emotional answers, I seem to be a confirmed Pisces. 
2. I like living in my imagination.
3. In my work - the upholstery is as important as the motor – I like to create a complete picture.

How would you describe your music?
Cinematic, sensual, emotional.

Who are your musical inspirations?
Serge Gainsbourg's sensuality, Vladimir Nabokov’s wordplay, David Lynch’s sense of mystery, David Bowie’s many personas and Vegas-era Elvis’ fading glamour.

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Conor Thornton's latest single, The Car Bar, is available on all platforms now.

How are you occupying yourself during the coronavirus lockdown?
I shot and edited a video for my latest track, The Car Bar, entirely from home in lockdown (apart from one Super 8 clip shot in Dublin’s Port Tunnel earlier this year). I've also started work on my next video.
I have been reading Laughter in the Dark by my favourite author Vladimir Nabokov, Ulysses about our own Dublin, and the poetry of Irving Layton - Leonard Cohen’s literary mentor.
Television wise, I have been watching Better Call Saul - which I find to be a brilliant character study of a complex person and his ambitions as a one-man operation.

What’s your favourite song right now?
I’ve been listening a lot to Bowie's Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing Reprise that is the heart of the Diamond Dogs record. I suspect this could have been an important influence for Pulp’s This is Hardcore, another personal favourite.

Favourite lyric of all time?
"I didn’t see the time, I waited half my life away" – Leonard Cohen from Waiting for the Miracle. This one hits hard.

If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life what would it be?
Dolphins by Fred Neil. I found this in The Sopranos. Amidst the wonderful soundtrack, this is perhaps the jewel in the crown. It always hurts my heart. In the corresponding Sopranos scene, Christopher relapses into heroin use and muses over losing the love of his life under the white moon of the dying day. For me, it is the most tragic and beautiful moment in television history. YouTube it. I think it's listed under "The Sopranos - Christopher’s ride".

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