As Gabriel Byrne turns 70, fans have been remembering his foray into Euro disco with Twink on the 1980 single Jet Set Superstar.

Written by Barry Devlin, and co-produced and arranged by Devlin's Horslips bandmate Jim Lockhart, Jet Set Superstar cast Bracken heartthrob Byrne as a lovelorn French playboy.

Yes sir, he can boogie

The fromage-filled track heralded the arrival of Ménage à Trois, a group which saw Byrne joined by John Lennon's former partner May Pang and Pandora Moore for photos and a much sought-after promo video.

But neither Pang nor Moore sang on the actual single - Twink shared vocals with Byrne on the kitsch classic. 

Have a listen and just try to keep those dancing feet still. Bon anniversaire, monsieur!

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