It's full-frontal night on Normal People, Kimmy Schmidt is back for a one-off adventure, Paul Hollywood completes his eats in Japan - and there’s The Coroner, Sinkholes and Police Tapes on another busy day on the box . . .

Pick of the Day

Normal People, 10.15pm, RTÉ One

In this week's first episode of the double-bill, Connell starts socialising with Marianne in Dublin and is introduced to her group of friends, one of whom is interested in him, while Marianne is still dating Gareth - but her interest in the relationship is starting to fade.

Later, Connell has gained confidence in college, giving presentations in class and getting good grades, but is reluctant to show Marianne affection in front of her friends.

Things take a turn when Marianne argues with her brother Alan when she goes home, while Connell loses the part-time restaurant job that funds his life in Dublin.

Don't Miss

The Coroner, 9.00pm, Alibi

This was originally a daytime drama on BBC One, so most 9-5 folk would’ve missed it. Well worth a look.

It’s a crime drama crime drama starring Claire Goose as high-flying solicitor Jane Kennedy, who takes over the job of coroner in the English coastal town she escaped from as a teenager.

In this opening episode, a teenager is found dead at the foot of a tower and DS Davey Higgins believes it was a suicide, but Jane thinks there is more to the case than meets the eye.

New or Returning Shows

Sinkholes: Swallowed Alive, 9.00pm, National Geographic

The facts about the natural phenomena, which have made headlines as massive sinkholes have appeared, swallowing cars, buildings and - in one case - almost burying a woman alive when she fell down a hole in her garden.

This documentary breaks down the science of these terrifying freaks of nature.

Police Tapes, 9.00pm, Virgin Media One

When 16-year-old Becky Watts went missing in 2015, it sparked a UK major police investigation to find the teenager. Only two people knew where she was - her stepbrother Nathan and his girlfriend Shauna.

Here, Susanna Reid gains unprecedented access to police interview room footage to reveal the strategy and skill involved in catching Becky's killers.

New to Download

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Vs the Reverend, Netflix

Kimmy sets off on her biggest adventure yet. Three states! Explosions! A dancing hamburger! And you, the viewer, get to decide how the story goes.

True: Terrific Tales, Netflix

Something for the younger viewers here. Through the magic of the Story Spinner, True and friends create their own versions of Pinocchio, Little Red Riding Hood and other classic fairy tales.

Ending Today

Paul Hollywood Eats Japan, 9.00pm, Channel 4

This week, Paul goes in search of some of Japan's strangest food stories on the final leg of his journey.

He competes in a noodle eating challenge against two internet celebrities, who have acquired a cult following for their ability to consume vast amounts of food.

He also pays a visit to a sumo wrestling stable, where he bakes flatbreads for the fighters and sits down to dinner with the largest fighter in the history of the sport.

Hospital Special: Fighting Covid-19, 9.00pm, BBC Two

The second of two programmes following UK hospital staff treating Covid-19 cases features patients who are on dialysis or who have recently had a transplant, and as such are among the most vulnerable to the virus.

Royal Free London faces a near catastrophic breakdown of oxygen supply, while an infectious diseases consultant starts a trial of an anti-viral drug used in the treatment of Ebola.

Repeats of the Day

Peter Sellers: a State of Comic Ecstacy, 11.30pm, BBC Two

If you missed this last Saturday, don't make the same mistake here as the BBC stuff isn't easy to get hold of outside of the UK.

The comedy pioneer behind the Goon Show, Dr Strangelove and the Pink Panther series is explored in depth in this film surveying his meteoric rise to fame and troubled personal life.

Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back, 11.05pm, Channel 4

Gordon Ramsay helps the owners of Shanty on 19th, an iconic restaurant in the West End theatre district of Allentown, Pennsylvania, which has been a local presence for decades.

The Nineties, 10.00pm, Sky Arts

Documentary exploring the decade's cultural and political milestones, beginning with its TV shows, from South Park and Seinfeld to The Sopranos and Friends.

Daytime Film Choices

The Belles of St Trinian’s, 3.00pm, BBC Two

Anarchic comedy, starring Alastair Sim, Joyce Grenfell and George Cole, about cartoonist Ronald Searle's wild pupils at a posh girls' school.

Here, the mischievous schoolgirls hope to get rich quick by betting on a racehorse belonging to a classmate's wealthy father.

But first they have to foil a gang of thieves planning to steal the animal and outwit an undercover policewoman sent to infiltrate the school disguised as a teacher.

Gulliver's Travels, 2.40pm, Sky Cinema Comedy

Fantasy comedy based on the Jonathan Swift tale, starring Jack Black, Emily Blunt, Jason Segel and Billy Connolly.

A directionless loser tries to prove himself to the woman he loves by volunteering for a travel writing assignment. He is sent to the Bermuda Triangle, where he ends up stranded on an island populated by miniature people to whom he is a giant.

2001: a Space Odyssey, 2.30pm, Sky Cinema Greats

Stanley Kubrick's sci-fi epic, with Keir Dullea, William Sylvester, Gary Lockwood and Leonard Rossiter, isn't everyone's idea of a great movie, but its beauty cannot be denied.

Scientists detect a mysterious black monolith on the moon is transmitting a signal to Jupiter. A spacecraft is sent on a mission to investigate the origins of the strange object, but as they near their destination, the astronauts realise the computer controlling the ship is turning against them.

Prime Time Movie Picks

Charlie Wilson’s War, 9.00pm, Sky Atlantic

Fascinating fact-based political drama set during the 1980s, starring Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

A US congressman gets embroiled in a secret mission to provide covert military support to rebels in Soviet-occupied Afghanistan.

Before long, he finds unlikely allies in the shape of a womanising CIA agent, a Texan socialite and the president of Pakistan.

Cape Fear, 9.00pm, Sky Cinema Thriller

Martin Scorsese's remake, starring Robert De Niro, Nick Nolte, Jessica Lange and Juliette Lewis, with cameo appearances by Gregory Peck, Robert Mitchum and Martin Balsam, who all appeared in the 1962 original.

A psychopathic rapist is released from prison after 14 years and plots revenge on the defence attorney he blames for his imprisonment.

Subjecting the lawyer and his family to a terrifying campaign of intimidation, he uses his knowledge of the law to stay untouchable.

The Favourite, 8.00pm, Sky Cinema Drama

Yorgos Lanthimos's multi Bafta-winning black comedy starring an Oscar-winning Olivia Colman, with Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz.

In early 18th-century England, a sickly Queen Anne occupies the throne while her close friend, Lady Sarah, governs the country. When a new servant, Abigail, arrives, Sarah is won over by her charm.

If you like this, check out Lady Macbeth (starring Florence Pugh) and Julia Davis' Hunderby.

Late Late Flick Picks

Dogman, 10.45pm, Sky Cinema Greats

A gentle dog groomer living in a poor suburb finds himself pitted against a violent former boxer who has been terrorising his neighbourhood. Matteo Garrone's Cannes award-winning crime drama, starring Marcello Fonte and Edoardo Pesce. In Italian with English subtitles.

Monty Python's The Meaning of Life, 12.35am, Sky Cinema Greats

Surreal comedy from the Python team of Michael Palin, Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam.

Although it's no Life of Brian, this is an enjoyable series of sketches examining mankind's secrets and taboos through the trials of life from conception to death.

The Witches, 12.15am, Sky Cinema Family

Hugely enjoyable children's fantasy directed by Nicolas Roeg, based on the book by Roald Dahl, and starring Anjelica Huston, Mai Zetterling, Jasen Fisher, Jane Horrocks, Rowan Atkinson and Brenda Blethyn.

A boy goes on holiday with his grandmother to a seaside hotel hosting a convention of witches, who have come together to hear their leader's plan to turn all the children in England into mice.

When the chief hag discovers the young lad eavesdropping at their meeting, she decides to make him one of her first victims.

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