Stefan Dennis, who plays legendary Paul Robinson on the Australian soap Neighbours, has welcomed his real-life son Declan to Ramsay Street. 

14-year-old Declan has been cast a villain Louis Curtain, and while his storyline is not yet clear, it has been revealed that he will not cross paths with his father's character, Paul Robinson. 

Speaking about his son joining the cast of the long-running show Stefan said: "Our characters' storylines actually don't cross over so we don't even see each other while at the studios."

The 61-year-old soap star also said that "contrary to what people may think" Declan won the role after auditioning just like anyone else, and not through his father’s influence. 

Stefan added: "I'm happy to pass on some wisdom from my years in the 'biz. Fortunately, he's not opposed to getting a bit of advice and coaching from me."

Speaking about whether he plans to continue acting after his stint on the show, Declan said: "I do like the idea of following [acting] as a career, I also understand the pitfalls of this industry. Therefore, I understand why my parents have suggested I have a second string to my bow."

Stefan joined Neighbours when it first began in 1985 playing villainous Paul Robinson until 1993. He returned to the role in 2004.

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