Ordinarily hedge-cutting, Tricky, Back To The Future, apple crumble, home studio construction, and scooters have no business being in the same sentence, says Dan Hegarty.

The RTÉ 2FM deejay adds a guarded 'but,'  however, affirming our instinct "(to) embrace the new normal, what most of us have been attempting since restrictions were introduced.

"The gravity of the situation that we’re all in never ventures too far from our minds, but the time at home has given many of us a new perspective, and an opportunity to refocus.

"Music is rarely off the menu in our house. Mixing new stuff from acts like LEWWAB, First Class & Coach, and SYLK, along with revisiting albums like Whip Smart by Liz Phair, and Cross by Justice has been a joy.

"Tricky’s autobiography Hell Is Round The Corner has finally come off my shelf, and when it comes to TV, it’s been a mix of old and new; Back To The Future still holds its goofy charm, and Run, with Merritt Wever and Domhnall Gleeson, isn’t bad either.

"There is nowhere to hide from those household jobs that you’ve been putting off for the past number of years. The few that remain will soon have to be tackled; my eyes widened at the announcement that hardware shops will soon re-open. 

"The rest of the time has been spent putting together a small and primitive home studio, scooting within 2km (that’s quite a sight I’d imagine), and attempting to stay in contact with family and friends.

"I’ve made four apple crumbles (from the same recipe), yet they’ve all tasted quite different. How is this possible? 

Dan Hegarty presents The Alternative on RTE 2fm at 10pm Sunday to Thursday, a musical metropolis that bridges the gaps between Fontaines D.C. and The Prodigy, Grimes and The Golden Horde, and Biig Piig and Beastie Boys

Going Underground: Dan hunkers down in the home studio