Christy Moore worked his magic and lifted people's spirits when he performed down his 20-year-old mobile phone on Thursday's Ray D'Arcy Show on RTÉ Radio 1.

Moore's iconic ballad The Voyage, written by Johnny Duhan, was recently chosen by the show's listeners as the song to help them through the Covid-19 emergency.

He said he was "delighted" for Duhan that the song was chosen and only too happy to cheer people up by playing it live on-air.

"This is a unique enough version of it," said D'Arcy. "Can you tell me which room in the house you're in?"

"I'm in the hit factory here," Moore replied. "I'm in the music room where I do all me bits and and pieces." 

"How many guitars have you got there?" asked the host.

"One," replied Moore. "Sure, I can only play one guitar at a time!"

"I have to say now, I'm going to be singing this into a 20-year-old Nokia phone," he added. "I hope to God it'll sound alright." 

It sounded beautiful. Listen here.