Victoria Beckham has reversed a decision to furlough staff at her fashion label during the coronavirus pandemic.

The company had been planning to make use of Government assistance to furlough a "small number" of employees, however it is now planning to proceed without state help, according to their spokeswoman.

Despite the U-turn the spokeswoman maintained that the company's original decision "was made in the best interests of trying to protect our staff, and that is still our absolute focus".

The decision "seemed the most appropriate option in keeping with many other businesses", she said, adding:

"The situation is dynamic and, with the support of our shareholders, we now believe we can navigate through this crisis without drawing from the Government furlough scheme."

Victoria Beckham Ltd is now "doing everything we can" to ensure they can proceed "without using Government assistance", according to the spokeswoman.

The company has been "working hard to protect its people", her statement said.