Kate Garraway has said that the last few weeks have been the hardest of her life as her husband Derek Draper remains hospitalised with the Covid-19 virus.

The TV presenter also admitted that her husband remains in a "critical condition" and "is very ill".

52-year-old Draper, a former lobbyist and political adviser, has been in hospital since the end of March.

Garraway said: "It remains an extremely worrying time for us all and the last couple of weeks have been the hardest of my life.

"The NHS team who are working on him have all been extraordinary and I know that it’s only their professionalism, dedication and bravery that has kept Derek with us so far."

Kate Garraway and Derek Draper

She added: "It is so difficult to find the right words, because ‘thank you’ alone just doesn’t seem enough, but I do thank them with all my heart as I know Derek would want to also if he could."

Garraway also thanked her fans for the messages of support she had received, adding: "In quieter moments I am reading all of your messages and they are so comforting and wonderful to read."

She also shared a message of solidarity for other families who are in a similar position to hers, saying: "You are not alone.

"We must all stand together and support each other and I am praying to be able to be talking with you soon with some positive news."

Good Morning Britain’s Garraway (52) and Draper married in 2005 and have a daughter and a son.