Singer-songwriter Paul Brady has told RTÉ Radio 1's Morning Ireland that his new song It's A Beautiful World (Now You Are Here) is a celebration of "love and life in a hard time".

Brady completed the song while cocooning, co-writing it across the Atlantic with American songwriter Sharon Vaughan. It is available to download for free at

"It was always going to be about love and life in a hard time," he told Morning Ireland.

"We're all about Covid-19 now, but before that it was the Australian bushfires and the climate, and before that it was the refugee crisis. So humanity's been under pressure for some time."

He explained that a new arrival became part of the inspiration for the direction of the song, with a baby heard laughing at the end of the track.

"It could be as much about new life on the planet as anything else"

"Initially it was an adult love song, but when I finished it some friends of mine had their first grandchild the day I finished," he recounted. "My wife was listening to the song and she suggested that it could be as much about new life on the planet as anything else. So, you know, [it's] dedicated to anyone who's had a baby in these troubled times."

When asked how he is getting on with cocooning, Brady replied: "I've written a couple of songs this time 'round, and I've had a class of a memoir hanging 'round me for the last five years, so I've managed to get into that. I'm kind of on the home straight with that, which is great. I don't think I'd have had the chance to do that if I hadn't had all this time on my hands. 

"I'm missing my swimming. But it's Spring, and the weather has been fine. It could be worse." 

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