"No pressure to go out, to be buzzing around like a maniac, trying to do everything" - that's Lyric FM’s Ellen Cranitch and her life these days, between preparing and presenting her weekend music programme, Vespertine.

"I'm working from home as much as I can, though I do check into Lyric in Limerick one day a week, out of necessity.

"This is bliss! I've managed to create a routine for the first time ever, and I'm delighted with it. I don't feel hindered at all, and I'm enjoying the imposed limitations.

"In a strange way, it can make for a realigining of creative thought, and I find myself catching up with loads of household projects, bits of DIY, painting, mending stuff.

"I'm reading lots, I've just finished Ronan Farrow's account of his investigations into Harvey Weinstein, Catch and Kill - pretty dark, but an amazing feat of doggedness and courageous reporting.

"I'm also re-reading Robert MacFarlane's The Wild Places, and Mountains of the Mind. I love his writing, how quietly eloquent it is, and how passionate he is about the natural world. I'm also dipping into Padraic Fogarty's Whittled Away, detailing the decline of Ireland's wildlife. And trying to break the back of Yuval Noah Harari's fabulous account of us humans, Sapiens.

"I'm not a big telly watcher, though I did fall across this amazing channel called Talking Pictures. All sorts of vintage wonderment. Great fun.

"And most of all.....last year Santy gave me an octave mandolin, as I am convinced that I can be the next Chris Thile (celebrated American mandolin player). So I've been practising like a fiend. I can play Jingle Bells, the bass riff from Sir Duke, and Abide With Me. I am WELL on my way.

"To be honest, when things are thrust upon us, and there's nothing we can do about them, it is a real lifting of responsibility. All we have to do is follow the sound advice.

"No pressure to go out, to be buzzing around like a maniac, trying to do everything. I acknowledge how lucky I am, thankfully we are safe and healthy, savouring the delights of spring, and living in the moment."

Ellen Cranitch presents Vespertine, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights on RTÉ Lyric Fm